Player Code of Conduct

Seckman Ice Hockey Club - Player Code of Conduct

As an athlete of Seckman Hockey Club, I will work to represent both Seckman Hockey and Seckman High School with decency and integrity in all encounters. I will demonstrate the highest level of respect towards my Coaches, Teammates, Parents and Officials and at no time verbally, physically, or mentally abuse them.

· I will adhere to all ice rink rules, both home and away as posted and will treat all rink property and employees with respect.

· Seckman Hockey Club will not be held responsible for any theft or vandalism of ice rink private property. If an athlete is discovered damaging/stealing any ice rink private property he/she will be held liable for subsequent discipline from authorities and/or payment for damages.

· I will dedicate myself to arriving at games/practices on time with energy, enthusiasm, and a confident attitude ready to do my part to help my teammates and I progress and grow as a team.

· I pledge my effort towards Team Success over individual accomplishment.

· I commit myself to diligently improve my physical skills, training my mind and body to fervently compete on every shift, and to study material/video provided to me by the Coaching Staff to improve my understanding and Hockey IQ.

· I will strive to learn and abide by the rules set forth by Mid-States, USA/MO Hockey and consistently exhibit good sportsmanship towards all Officials, Coaches, Parents, Players and Teammates in all games and practices I participate in.

· I will refrain from using social media in an inappropriate way such as bullying, catfishing, etc. In no instance will I post a picture or video from the locker room setting to social media sites. I understand that this is a SafeSport violation and will result in an immediate (1) game suspension from the Club plus any additional discipline that may come from the governing bodies.

· I will comply with the decision of the various leagues, USA/MO Hockey, or Mid-States Hockey Associate disciplinary boards. I and/or my parent(s)/guardian will be responsible for payment of fines imposed to Seckman Hockey Club as a result of my conduct. Payment must be made before athlete will be allowed to participate in any practice or game.


· All players must RSVP at least 48 hours in advance and regularly attend practices unless in direct conflict with a Higher-Level team (AAA, CSHL and Elite) If a player is unable to attend a game/practice you must RSVP through Crossbar with a note detailing the reason. If RSVP’s have not been marked 48 hours before a game, players will not be included in the roster selections for that game.

· All players will arrive to Games 1 Hour prior to start of game and to practices no later than 45 minutes to the start of practice.

· All players will adhere to game day dress code as set by Varsity Coaching Staff.

· The use and/or possession of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, or any other narcotic substances, or non-prescription drugs, or the abuse of prescription drugs in the locker rooms, before/after any game and/or practice is prohibited and will result in immediate suspension from ALL team activities until the Board, Coaching Staff and Parent(s) / Legal Guardian of the player have had disciplinary meeting.

· If the Seckman Hockey Club receives a fine for any action by a player such as Unsportsmanlike conduct, abusive language towards coaches, officials, player, or parents, etc., the athlete is responsible to pay that fine/fee that is charged to the club. The athlete will be suspended from ALL team activities until the fine is paid.

· Seckman and its members and players shall subscribe to the rules and regulations imposed by all governing bodies. These include but are not limited to Mid-States Club Ice Hockey Association, USA/MO Hockey and Seckman Club Hockey Rules and the various leagues Seckman Ice Hockey Club participates in.

I understand that any violation of the above stated policy while I am an athlete of the Seckman Hockey Club program will result in appropriate action begin taken as determined by the Coaching Staff and/or Board of Directors for the offense involved. I understand that my parents or legal guardian will assume responsibility for payment of any loss, property damage and/or fines.


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