Parent Code of Conduct

Seckman Ice Hockey Club - Parent Code of Conduct

The Seckman Hockey Club Board of Directors strongly encourages all parents/guardians of Club athletes to attend and participate in the scheduled monthly board meetings. By attending, you will be involved in making decisions for the Club should an open vote be held, you could/would bring a viewpoint or opinion that may not have been considered and you can help proliferate true and genuine information about the Club and help facilitate the elimination of any false rumors that could be circulating. 

The desire of the Board of Directors is to provide a safe and fun environment for our Seckman Club Hockey athletes to play hockey in that will also allow them to develop and grow into better players and people. The Seckman Hockey Club Board of Directors will enthusiastically execute our role in this undertaking but also believes that a large share of that responsibility falls to the parent / guardian of the Club athlete as well. 

In addition to faithfully attending the monthly Board meetings, the Seckman Board of Directors has established a Parent Code of Conduct outlined below. Adherence to the Code of Conduct will only help strengthen the Seckman Hockey Club culture and assist the Board and Coaching Staff in giving the Seckman Hockey Club athletes their best High School Hockey experience.


Parent Code of Conduct

· As the parent/legal guardian of an athlete participating in the Seckman Hockey Club I understand that I am the best and most trusted example my child can observe and learn from on how to conduct oneself. Knowing this, I will encourage my child to follow and adhere to the Player Code of Conduct and demonstrate through my actions the value of respect and being a supportive member of the team and organization. 

· I will avoid speaking/shouting verbal insults that could hurt, demean, or abuse any Official, Coach, Parent or Player. At no time will I instigate any physical contact/confrontation with any Official, Coach, Parent or Player. I will maintain a positive mindset toward the game and all its participants to fulfill my part as a parent and role model in order to enrich the game environment and the high school hockey experience for all Seckman Hockey Club athletes. 

· I will refrain from criticizing the Officials to set a good example of sportsmanship for my child, his/her teammates, and other parents. I commit to learning/studying the rules that Mid-States, USA/MO Hockey have instituted to be a better-informed parent and spectator. 

· I will abstain from publicly decrying the decisions of the coaching staff before, during and after games, practices, or other Seckman Hockey Club events. Should I have a concern with any of the methods/tactics/choices the coaching staff are instituting I will adhere to the 24-hour rule of ‘no contact’ and then utilize the Coaching Director to facilitate a conversation with the coaching staff.

I recognize any violation of the above stated Parent Code of Conduct while in attendance at any Seckman Hockey Club game, practice or event will result in an immediate meeting with the Seckman Hockey Club Board of Directors to be scheduled to discuss my violation(s) and determine my future game, practice, or event attendance.

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