Seckman Jaguars Ice Hockey Club - Varsity Head Coach Description:

Head Coach - Ice Hockey - Imperial, MO 63052 -

Seckman Jaguars Ice Hockey Club - Varsity Head Coach Description:

The Seckman Jaguars Ice Hockey Club is seeking a dedicated Head Coach who is passionate about hockey, eager to lead our athletes and be a vital part of our Club as we continue to grow into the future. If you have the qualifications, experience and desire to commit to helping our youth become better players and people, we encourage you to apply. Come help lead our club and make a positive impact on the lives of young men and women through the privilege of coaching.

Duties Include:


- Subjectively evaluate players' performance and tactfully provide regular feedback for improvement.

- Regularly collaborate with players, other coaches, and board members to coordinate team activities and events. Non-hockey off-ice team activities is essential to produce team cohesion.

- Provide clear and concise guidance and instruction during games to maximize team performance.


- Dedicated to developing the hockey training programs for athletes of various ages and skill levels and striving to lead these athletes in a professional manner.

- Plan and conduct constructive practice sessions with concise practice plans to improve players' skills. Provide the plans to players/coaches in a timely manner for them to review and study maximizing ice time.

- Identify systems of play i.e. forecheck, power play, penalty kill, zone entry/exit etc. and clearly detail these systems through visual reference material.

- Implement routine weekly off-ice training sessions.

- Regularly utilize video review sessions with coaches/players for team/player growth and development.


- Create a positive and supportive team environment that promotes sportsmanship, teamwork, and personal growth.

- Foster and encourage a culture of respect between players, coaches, and officials.

- Ability to skillfully motivate and inspire athletes to reach their full potential.


- Provide clear player/parent expectations via written Team rules/policies and stringently enforcing if/when policies are violated.

- Ability to address feedback from parents/fans/rivals and be able to appropriately respond to criticism in a professional manner.

Qualifications and Skills:


- Previously coached at the Varsity/JV High School level or 14U/16U/18U - ‘A’ level or higher.

- USA Hockey Coaching Education Program certification with appropriate modules up to 18U.

- Knowledge of coaching principles and USA Hockey ADM techniques, strategies, and systems.

- Possess a comprehensive hockey playing background with the ability to competently ice skate.

- Ability to organize and conduct team evaluation and selection.

- Aptitude for providing clear practice plans and expectations.

- Strong communication and interpersonal skills to effectively work with athletes, parents, coaching staff, and board members.

- Ability to interview and assemble a qualified and cohesive assistant coaching staff.

Highly Desired:

- Over three seasons of ‘A’ level or higher coaching experience.

- USA Hockey Level 4 Certification or above.

- Certification in CPR and First Aid.

Points of Contact:

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